Odoacer's 'There The Vultures Will Gather' is an album of pure catharsis. It is an exploration of contempt, grief and isolation through the lens of Black Metal and neither claims nor tries to be anything else. Written during a period of intense personal misery and seclusion before any global pandemic; it is an expression of anguish and frustration at a society determined to drown itself in its own stupidity whilst authoritarians reap the rewards. Betrayal, depression, and rage all played their part in crafting the sound of the record, and writing it would not have been possible without these facets. There The Vultures Will Gather is the first step into the world of Black Metal for Odoacer, a step not only free from, but primarily against any fascist nonsense, yet maintaining an understanding of the effectiveness Black Metal has in paradoxically augmenting and liberating destructive emotions. There may be something that resonates within the music, there may not be; it doesn’t matter. What matters is expression, and that is all which can be found here.